Cultural Industry Academic Forum Report 42: Folklore Image Recording and the Application of Folklore Culture in Public Art Design

2020-12-04 08:40:00   From: School of Urban Culture - South China Normal University   Views:

On the afternoon of December 3, the National Campus Tour of Folklore Image Lecture Hall of China Folklore Photographic Association - SUC of SCNU was held in the cinema of our library. This academic forum invited Li Hongyan, a contracted photographer of Xinhua News Agency, a scholar of folklore photography, and a senior journalist, Mr. Huang Zhujing, chief designer of public art, as the keynote speaker. and Chen Xiaosheng, deputy director of the Academic Affairs Office of Foshan University of Science and Technology, came to guide the forum.This forum was chaired by Associate Professor Chen Weiqiang, Director of the Department of Cultural Industry Management, School of Urban Culture, South  China Normal University. Associate Professor Zhang Xiangping, deputy director of the Department of Cultural Industry Management, Associate Professor Huang Xuemin of the Department of Cultural Industry Management, Mr Chen Wenan of the Art Teaching and Research Office, Wu Chujin, the counselor, Ms Xu Min of the Office and students attended the forum.

In this forum, Mr. Li Hongyan explained the folklore photography records in an all-round way, mainly including the following points: firstly, the concept and definition of folklore photography; secondly, the characteristics of folklore photography authenticity, artistry, academic, inclusiveness; thirdly, the value of folklore photography, including the rescue of the folklore culture that is on the brink of disappearance, extremely high literature and research value, the role of spiritual civilization construction, the enhancement of national unity, and the role of art appreciation; fourthly, the prospect of folklore photography; fifthly, the origin of folklore photography and so on.


Afterwards, Mr. Li Hongyan introduced the views of the China Folklore Photographic Association and its related important figures (Chairman Shen Che, General Zhang Aiping) on folklore photography, which made the students feel the power of "folklore image recording and the application of folklore culture" and  the importance of protecting the world's cultural heritage.


Taking the important folk customs in Guangdong as an example, Mr. Li Hongyan introduced the mountain culture in northern Guangdong, Chaoshan culture in eastern Guangdong, Guangfu culture in central Guangdong, Gaolei culture in western Guangdong, and the current situation of image recording of Guangdong folk culture.


Mr. Huang Zhujing introduced the application of regional folklore culture in public art to the students. First of all, he talked about the definition and characteristics of culture, so that the students could have a basic understanding of it. Next, he introduced the types of public art, distinguishing public art from three aspects: art form,exhibition form, and art function. Later, he talked about the development of contemporary public art from both foreign and domestic directions, and explained the design ideas and values of public art to the students through specific cases such as the Wrapped Reichstag,the MIC Art Museum in Dongguan, and encouraged students to contact with public art and pay more attention to the public art around.


Before the end of the forum, Mr. Li Hongyan explained how to participate in the annual competition with 10 different categories of winning works (pictures / articles) in the annual competition of the International Folklore Photography "Human Contribution Award". He expressed his love for his hometown Xu Wen and said that he often leads the team to take pictures of the cultural landscape of Leizhou Peninsula, introduces and promotes the local cultural and tourism resources in detail through the mainstream new media platforms of "Today's Headlines" and "Tencent News".


At the end of the forum, teachers and students watched the world folklore picture story music film "Human Memory" together and were deeply moved. Through this forum, students deeply realized the importance of "folklore photography" for the inheritance and protection of folk culture.


Associate Professor Chen Weiqiang, director of the Department of Cultural Industry Management of the School of Urban Culture, South China Normal University, said: in the next step, we will continue to strengthen communication and cooperation, hold high-level exhibitions in the college and establish a social practice base for the college to provide the students with a good internship platform and work hard to cultivate outstanding practical talents!


Written by: Wang Jieting, Chen Weiqiang
Reviewed by:Guo Shouyun