Cultural Industry Academic Forum Report 43: Museum Curating in the New Era——Taki

2020-12-14 09:09:00   From: School of Urban Culture - South China Normal University   Views:

On the evening of December 10, the 43rd Cultural Industry Academic Forum  of our school was successfully held in the lecture hall. This forum invited Lan Wei, deputy research librarian of Guangdong Museum, to share the topic "Museum Curating in the New Era-- Taking the Exhibition Design of Guangdong Museum as an Example". The forum was chaired by Associate Professor Zhang Xiangping, Deputy Director of the Department of Cultural Industry Management.Some faculty and students of our school participated in the forum.


Mr. Lanwei started his presentation from three aspects: a brief history of the museum, museum exhibitions and case sharing. Taking the hundreds of educational activities held by Guangdong Museum every year as an example, he emphasized that museums now attached importance to the functions of education. As for the planning process of the exhibition, Mr. Lan Wei summarized it as:the collection and sorting of exhibition academics, the planning and design of exhibition content, the form design of the exhibition and its exhibits, and explained one by one.

Later, Mr. Lan Wei shared his experience in hosting and curating the exhibitions. Taking "The Impression of Khitan-the Exhibition of Cultural Relics of Liao Dynasty" as an example, the exhibition gathered treasures from the archaeological excavations of Liao Dynasty in Inner Mongolia, made full use of the murals of Liao tombs to create a strong atmosphere of Liao culture, made auxiliary display with the reference to the relevant academic achievements, pictures and other materials. Mr. Lan introduced the outline structure, product composition and promotion of the exhibition one by one.


In the interactive session, on how to do a good job in the exhibition of intangible heritage products, Mr. Lan Wei introduced his own experience in planning "Carving and Painting: Chaozhou Wood Carving Exhibition", pointing out that in addition to the necessary text descriptions, video displays, cultural and creative design introduction, it was also necessary to give an "intimate display" to the audience. Talking about how to tell a good story of cultural relics, Mr. Lan Wei took "the Reappearance of Silver-the Exhibition of Archaeological Achievements of Ancient Battlefield Sites in Jiangkou, Sichuan" as an example, which attracted the public with a unique narrative way. Before the cultural relics exhibition, volunteers at home and abroad were gathered to participate in the historical excavation of cultural relics and to experience its story firsthand.


The forum received a warm response and was highly praised by all the teachers and students attended. Through this forum, the teachers and students of our school had a further understanding and study of the exhibition design of the museum, which was of substantial help to the students' professional learning, and further promoted the construction of industry-university-research in our school.



 Written by Wang Canhua, Zhang Xiangping

Reviewed by Guo Shouyun