The 6th Creative Culture Festival Sub-Activity "Character Source·Life" Chinese Character Cultural Creative Design Competition of Our School ended successfully

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On the afternoon of December 17th, The 6th Creative Culture Festival Sub-Activity "Character Source·Life" Chinese Character Cultural Creative Design Competition was successfully held in the Conference Room 101. Fang Xiaokun, Deputy Dean of our school, Mr. Ma Xueyi and Ms.Wu Chujin  were invited as judges in the finals.


After strict screening in the preliminary competition, 24 teams including the Shining Girls Team, the Done-well Team, and the Good Characters Team emerged from more than 300 participating teams from different schools and entered the final competition. Within the specified time, each participating team should choose one of the four categories, namely, SUC style, home life, digital creativity and student courtesy and introduce their Chinese character cultural and creative products to the judges and audience. The entries were dazzling and unique, with design, creativity, practicality and ideology. In the end, based on the results of the mutual evaluation by the teacher judges, student judges and the teams, the  "Four-piece" Home Furnishing Series of the Shining Girls Team won the first prize of this competition;the logo "City· What You Wish" designed by the Done-well Team  and the "Haozi Haozi Series Emoji Pack" by the Haozi Haozi team won the second prize; the " Chinese Character Emoji Pack of Running script,Bronze Inscriptions and Cursive script" by the Ziyou Team, "How Difficult Characters Are - "I"" comics by Painting and Calligraphy Team,the home potted plants "Seeing Deer in the Trees" by the hardworking team, and the "Student Series of Charming Characters" by the Mad Dogs Team won the third prize; 6 teams including the Dashing Team won the Excellence Award.


Chinese characters are the basic carrier of Chinese national culture, creation of Chinese charactes was the product of the mutual communication between Chinese characters and the soul of the times. In the final presentation, Vice Dean Fang Xiaokun pointed out that the creative design of Chinese characters should not be confined to the original form of the character, but should be flexibly transformed after a deep understanding of the background of the character-making. It should also accurately grasp the actual needs of different contemporary groups and further explore the commercial value of the products.



 The Chinese Character Culture Creative Design Competition held by our school not only stimulated and improved the innovative thinking and practical ability of the students of SCNU, but also demonstrated the good spirit of the teachers and students in promoting the inheritance and dissemination of the Chinese traditional culture.



Written by Peng Shaofeng, Liang Ji

Reviewed by Lin Haian