From “The Debts” to “A Summer Night’s Dream” --Film and Television Works Sharing Meeting by Wang Xiaoming and Deng Yongyi

2020-12-25 09:20:00   From: School of Urban Culture - South China Normal University   Views:

On the evening of December 21, Wang Xiaoming, screenwriter, director and producer of Guangdong Jiazhou Films, and Deng Yongyi, executive director and photographer, were invited to hold a film and television work sharing meeting in Lecture Hall 403 of our school.The sharing meeting was hosted by Associate Professor Chen Weiqiang, Director of the Department of Cultural Industry Management, counselor Liang Ji, part-time counselor Wu Chujin and students of all grades participated in the sharing meeting.


In this sharing meetng, Director Wang Xiaoming and Director Deng Yongyi first introduced to the students their experience in the film and television industry for the past ten years. The main works they shot were "A Summer Night’s Dream" (shortlisted in the WIP unit of the 2018 Pingyao Film Festival); "Crazy Love for the Mansion" (shortlisted for the Venture Capital Unit of 2016 Silk Road Film Festival); "All the Way North" (shortlisted for the 11th China Independent Image Exhibition and the 2nd Macau Literature Festival); "The Debts" (The best Picture of the 2011 Hong Kong PUFF Independent Film Festival, the opening film of the 6th Marbella International Film Festival in Spain); "Back to Life" (released in cinemas across the country on December 4, 2020, in Guangzhou and Suzhou on November 13, 2020, and received wide praises). Immediately afterwards, Director Wang Xiaoming showed for teachers and students the new movie "Back to Life", which was currently being released in theaters. After the teachers and students watched the whole movie with great interest, they enthusiastically asked questions. The two directors discussed the students' thoughts after watching, the arrangement of the plot, the handling of the shots, and the production of the film. Director Wang Xiaoming pointed out that, first of all, when a small-cost movie was released in a theater, the duration should not exceed 90 minutes, so the content of the film would try to avoid the parts unrelated to the main line. The blank space in this part was the space for the audience to associate themselves; secondly, whether it was a film or a musical work, it embodied the creator’s perception of life, which was to pack his thoughts into a story that enabled the audience to feel the same and move the audience; thirdly, a small cost film was characterized by the spirit of "small and refined" in all parts of the production. For example,the casting was more about choosing senior actors with professional skills and young actors with unlimited potential to impress the audience with simplicity and sincerity.



At the end of the sharing meeting, Director Wang Xiaoming hoped that the students who wanted to work in the film or art industry should always maintain their original aspirations, and at the same time had the perseverance to sharpen their swords for ten years. He suggested that everyone should learn to settle themselves, watch and learn more excellent film works, combine learning with production, and achieve "doing while learning, learning by doing", so as to form their own film production style in learning. At the film sharing meeting, the students had a deeper understanding of the process and details of film and television production through watching the film and communicating with the director face to face, and benefited a lot.


Writen by Zeng Jiayu Wu Jingyi

Reviewed by Guo Shouyun