Representatives from De Montfort University (DMU) Visited our School

2021-04-26 09:25:56   From: School of Urban Culture - South China Normal University   Views:

On March 23, 2021,Qiao Fang and Lai Wei from the China Office of De Montfort University (DMU) visited our school, and exchanged views with our school on issues related to the Sino-British 2+2 joint training program . Dean Zhu Tuohua, Secretary Li Jianguo, Deputy Dean Deng Hui, Deputy Dean of the International Union College Chen Huan, Wang Weiwei, Deng Daqing and Liu Lifang from the Department of Network and New Media, and Ma Xueyi from the Art Teaching and Research Office participated in the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Ms. Zhou Liting, director of international projects.


First of all, Dean Zhu Tuohua extended a warm welcome to the representatives of De Montfort University, and introduced our school’s faculty construction and talent training work (the school’s first batch of undergraduate tutor system and the creation of a “three-in-one” professional talent service platform), disciplinary construction and development, overseas visits and study by teachers and students, explored the necessity and feasibility of the 2+2 joint training of undergraduate majors in "Network and New Media" between the two sides, and looked forward to the future prospects based on the actual development of the campus.


Secondly, Manager Qiao Fang introduced to the leaders attending the meeting the development history of De Montfort University (Leicester, the heart of England) and its relationship with the royal family, college and discipline construction, student services, outstanding alumni, cooperation instructions, etc. He also showed a promotional video of students' global internship practice, including the four major schools of DMU (School of Art and Design and Humanities, School of Engineering and Media, School of Business Law, School of Health and Life Sciences). Then, he responded positively to the cooperation concept proposed by our school, believed that the undergraduate majors or courses of our school were very compatible with DMU-related majors (Media and Communication BA (Hons), Media and Communication), which was beneficial to the next step of enrollment cooperation between the two sides as soon as possible.


Subsequently, Chen Huan, Deputy Dean of the International Union College, put forward a series of constructive opinions on the Sino-British joint training between the two sides, including the dispatch of British teachers and the curriculum construction, teachers training and teaching regular meetings, lectures by professors, cooperation models and resources sharing, etc. and expressed that the International Union College would actively provide strong support in terms of funds, resources and policies!


Immediately afterwards, Deputy Dean Deng Hui, Director Wang Weiwei, Director Ma Xueyi, Teacher Liu Lifang, also communicated on specific matters such as the curriculum docking, credit exchanges, language requirements and testing, bilateral dissertations, student scholarships of the joint training program, and reached a certain cooperation consensus. Finally, Secretary Li Jianguo expressed his opinions on the smooth development of this Sino-British cooperation, and on the basis of discussing with the other party on how to efficiently handle student management and other issues, congratulated our school on this wonderful answer paper submitted on the occasion of the centennial of the founding of the Communist Party of China.



Written by Xu Min

Preliminary reviewed by Zhou Liting

Final reviewed by Zhu Tuohua